Conventional Machining

We offer a full range of machining, through a variety of different metals and plastics all available for manufacture. For our turning purposes we have several lathes ranging in size to fit your needs i.e.; O.D turning, I.D turning, tapers, threads, different drilling applications etc. We also have milling machines capable of truing faces, milling slots/key seats, boring, cutting grooves drilling etc. Two drill presses with large collets serve as our whole makers, along with a small mill drill for precise smaller holes. A wide range of precision holes can be achieved by way of drill bits and reamers along with full tapping capabilities. Large boring can be done on our boring mill as it has a large head and massive travel. Last but not least our slotter takes care of and keyway needed in hubs.

Recently we have purchased a cnc lathe with a 20" swing and 6' bed length. We are slowly creeping into the cnc side of things and hopefully looking to the future with purchasing a few more machines like this. We have had tons of success so far with this machine and can conquer any turning cycle that comes our way!!


  • Max swing 70"
  • Regular machines fit 36" x 110"
  • Grooving of sheaves
  • Straight threads, pipe threads, acme threads, etc...


  • 14"h x 72"l x14"w
  • Facing
  • Slotting
  • Rough Milling
  • Flycutting

Boring Mill

  • 72"h x 144"l x 96"w
  • Line Boring
  • Face Cutting
  • Large Diameter Pieces

Drill Press

  • 3" diameter holes at a 5' maximum radius
  • Tapping of internal holes
  • Reaming to precision sizes


  • Up to 14" stroke
  • Length and width vary by diameter of piece