Millwright & Rig Service


We offer full rebuild capabilities able to revamp all of your equipment. Tear down of product is done in our extensive four bay shop with all the tools and knowhow for any application. Complete rebuild starts with disassemble of pieces. Marking and labeling each component is done by stamp or pneumatic stencil. Next the parts are sandblasted an inspected via MPI or UT for any cracks that may have occurred during work. Repairs on worn or cracked parts are taken care of by our welding department. Next the pieces are machined back to spec and any bearings or bushings will be replaced. Assembly is done and the parts are ready for paint which we also do in house.

Rig Services

A 24 hour rig service is available with the best mechanics in the business. With a fully loaded service truck sitting at the shop, our guys are ready to roll any time to any place. Whether it be replacing bearings or shimming fits, changing clutches and belts or switching out gears on a drive, we are the place to call!!